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Putting America Back to Work

Explore the job profiles of careers you are considering to help you make an informed decision, such as projected job growth and detailed salary information.

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Access more than 500 detailed job profiles in a variety of categories, including agriculture, business, arts, and manufacturing. No matter what your dream job is, we’re here to help you get it.

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Whether you are interested in becoming an architect or a zookeeper, you’ll find reliable information on day-to-day job responsibilities, required skills, and the level of education you’ll need for an entry-level position.

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Learn how to optimize your resumé to stand out to top employers in your field. Take a multi-tiered approach and utilize several job websites in order to secure the best positions as you begin your career.

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Use this search-friendly database to streamline your career search by finding only careers that suit your strengths and interests. You can enter these careers in the search field to locate their corresponding job profiles. If you are still exploring various fields, browse the job profiles by category to explore careers in related fields.