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Film and Video – Video Producer

Video producers work closely with all members of the cast and crew on video productions to ensure that the process goes smoothly and is completed on time. The video producer must have a good working knowledge of all aspects of production from set design, lighting and audio through to editing, filming and working with scripts. In small productions the video producer may be the lead team member in the production and may work with the director on all aspects of the production.

The video producer may also work as a coordinator making sure that all required supplies, equipment and staff are in the correct place at the correct time. Coordinating these services may be a large part of the video producers daily responsibilities prior to the start of shooting. Once filming is in progress the video producer will work to coordinate the actual filming, ensuring that all aspects of filming are completed correctly.

The video producer is very important in editing and cutting the filmed material to achieve the desired final result. This means long hours even after filming is finished. A video producer must be creative and have an ability to work with various people and various settings and budgets to end up with just what was wanted at the end of the project. Good communication skills as well as patience and the ability to motivate others are needed for a career as a video producer.

Common work activities include:

  • Coordinating all aspects of the filming of the production and confirming that all people, supplies and equipment will be available when required.
  • Editing and processing the video to get exactly what the director or customer is requiring.
  • Troubleshooting issues with filming, modifying or changing scripts, or adding additional aspects to the filming to enhance the production.
  • Handling all logistics of the filming including making sure that contractors, crew and actors have completed all necessary paperwork and meet all union requirements.
  • Communicating with directors or clients to determine exactly what they want and then producing that in the studio.

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