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YMCA Director

The director of the YMCA is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the facility and for the maintenance, use and bookings of the building or buildings that they manage. He or she is also responsible for establishing usage and safety policies for the facility or facilities as well as ensuring that all staff is trained and knowledgeable on these policies. In addition the director is required to share these policies with the YMCA governing body and confirm that they meet all national policy expectations.

The YMCA director also manages the human resources and financial aspects of the recreational facility. This means setting monthly and yearly budgets, hiring staff, providing adequate supervision of the facility by staff, maintaining and repairing equipment as needed and planning additions or renovations to the facility. The director works with both the salaried employees of the YMCA as well as with the various volunteer groups that may provide assistance or that may use the recreational facility on a schedule. The director will hire, supervise and handle all complaints from facility users as well as handle scheduling conflicts or issues with the facility.

The YMCA director often works to liaison with other agencies in the community to ensure that the needs of the community are being met. This means sitting on various committees within the community and having a good understanding of what the members of the community need and want with regards to recreational facilities. The director may also spearhead fundraising programs, local charity and benefit events, and may plan and coordinate special programs to raise money for the facility. T

Common work activities include:

  • Establishing budgets and fiscal guidelines for the facility. Meet with the board of directors to inform them of any changes in the budget or changes in the facility use.
  • Hiring, training and supervisions of staff for the recreational facility. Coordination of volunteers to ensure that appropriate staffing levels are provided at all times.
  • Monitoring the use and upkeep of the facility and recommend repairs, work with outside contractors to complete repairs and work with planning committees for expansions to the facility.
  • Organizing and overseeing fundraising campaigns for the facility.
  • Sitting on various committees within the community to make sure that the needs of the community with regards to recreational facilities are being met by the YMCA if possible.

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