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Employment Services – Job Placement Counselor

The responsibilities of a job placement counselor include screening and evaluating potential employees based on information provided by various employers within the community. The job placement counselor often works as a liaison between the businesses and the job seekers in the community, striving to match the various individuals with companies that are looking for employees. This may include offering some training programs, helping potential employees develop a resume, and preparing them for interviews by teaching basic interview skills.

Many job placement counselors are employed by workforce centers or other government regulated and funded agencies. In this position the job placement counselor may also be involved in working with various contracts that employers may enter into with the center to provide employees or other services. Having a good working relationship with other agencies in the community that serve the needs of people is a key part of this position. The job placement counselor may work with shelters, re-training programs, community center or social services agencies to help find work for people that are having difficulty in locating employement.

A job placement counselor needs excellent interpersonal skills and a positive attitude about helping people. He or she may benefit from having a second language depending on the community that they serve. Many job placement counselors have experience in marketing, business management or in human resources. Teaching experience as well as training skills are considered as asset for this position.

Common work activities include:

  • Meeting with businesses in the community to determine their needs with regards to employees.
  • Meeting with job seekers to attempt to match current employment options with the various individuals and their skills.
  • Referring job seekers to businesses, setting up interviews, or arranging to assist with resumes or other documentation as required.
  • Interacting with various social services and other agencies within the community to coordinate services for employment seekers.
  • Entering into contracts with businesses and other agencies to provide workers.
  • Completing all data entry, reporting numbers and indicating success or difficulties with employment opportunities and options.

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