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Writing Consultant

Writing consultants are responsible for working with companies, agencies and organization to plan and develop appropriate written materials to assist with providing information on the various products or items. Often the company may have an idea about the information, manual, ebook or even brochures that they want to include with products or services but they are unsure of what needs to be written or how it can best be formatted. The skills of the writing consultant are then used to help the company or agency develop the written material that meets their needs.

A writing consultant must have an excellent command of the language or languages that he or she is writing in. A background in the specific field of interest related to the company or product plus formal writing training or extensive experience is required. Most writing consultants now use computers to print work so an understanding of various publishing programs, software and writing for search engines is also important. Since companies have various software programs it is important to have experience in several programs, not just one. Keeping abreast of current trending in writing and publishing software is a must.

Writing consultants will often spend time at the company or agency they are writing for to gather information on the subject matter. They may interview company or development officials, work with production managers, or even experiment with the product itself. In addition the writing consultant will complete research on the product and its uses. He or she will then write the document as required, provide it for review, and then make the necessary revisions. Graphic design or specific formatting issues may be subcontracted or may be completed by the writing consultant.

Common work activities include:

  • Marketing and advertising to new and existing clients to expand the customer base.
  • Meeting with clients to determine the requirements of the writing project. Discussing the details of the item, service or product that is the focus of the writing.
  • Researching information on the product or item, developing ideas for information to be included in the project.
  • Writing the document, proofreading, adding graphics or formatting as required.
  • Presenting the writing to the client, making revisions and submitting a final copy.
  • Billing, collecting and scheduling appointments with clients.

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