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Daycare Director

The director of the daycare has the responsibility to ensure the safe and caring management of all the children entrusted to the day care facility. This means hiring compassionate, trained and high caliber staff, monitoring the children in the daycare, setting schedules and lesson plans for the daycare, meeting with parents and keeping all parents informed of policies and procedures at the center. Since children are the most important and most precious aspect of the parent’s lives it is very important for the daycare director to keep the children’s health and well being first and foremost in their considerations.

The daycare director must ensure that all safety, fire and educational regulations and requirements are met to maintain the license of the daycare facility. This means having the correct number of staff at the center based on the number of children, providing the appropriate types of foods and food choices, and having appropriate and safe activities for children to participate in while at the center. The daycare director must complete all reports to the local or state licensing boards, keep business licenses current, and ensure that all staff have a criminal background check and are appropriately training in first aide and other certifications as required by law.

The daycare director usually completes all initial interviews with new parents, sets fees, invoices parents and collects all monthly or weekly invoices as required. The daycare director also handles any complaints by staff or parents and works to resolve this differences promptly and effectively for all parties. The daycare director also advertises the daycare and keeps records of the numbers and ages of all children, sets hours for the daycare, and works within the community as needed to create continuity of services for after school and weekend or evening service.

Common work activities include:

  • Meeting with parents to discuss the routine of the daycare, advising parents of scheduling or routine changes, or implementing new policies.
  • Hiring, training and supervision of all staff in the daycare. This means ensuring all required background and criminal checks are completed in a timely fashion and according to policy.
  • Developing schedules, lesson plans, planning outings and field trips and obtaining consent for special activities from parents.
  • Discussing and addressing parent or staff concerns as they occur.
  • Advertising, marketing, billing and handling all accounts receivable and payable accounts or hiring staff to deal with these issues.
  • Obtaining all required licenses and certifications and keeping them current as required.

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