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High School Administration – Registrar

A high school registrar maintains and coordinates clerical or academic records for private or public high schools. They keep and maintain records starting with a student’s enrollment and continuing through graduation from high school. They maintain these records by checking for completion and accuracy and then entering all new student enrollment information into the student database, along with entering any course or information changes. The administration registrar keeps concise, detailed and accurate documentation on all students. They often supervise adult and student help in the office and work with other high schools in their area and with personnel from several other school districts.

A high school registrar maintains attendance records, personnel reports and knowledgeable in clerical and administrative procedures such as word processing, managing records and files and other office procedures. He or she should be able to analyze, solve problems and make decisions quickly and accurately. Along with performing daily administrate activities and tasks, they provide requested or necessary information to staff members, coworkers and other personnel.

The job of high school administration registrar requires a person that is responsible, reliable, and dependable and realizes the importance of fulfilling obligations. They require patience, good communication skills, working well under pressure, remaining calm under stressful or difficult situations and a cooperative attitude. With high school enrollment continuing to rise, due partly to students understanding the importance of a good education, the need for high school registrars continues to increase, so the job outlook remains positive.

Common work activities include:

  • Providing information form for new students registering in the school either from other schools or just beginning their education.
  • Checking the accuracy and completeness of the forms, checking for errors or omissions and contacting parents or guardians for corrections.
  • Entering all data into the computer system developed to track students throughout their educational career.
  • Updating and correcting information in the database for each student as required.
  • Tracking attendance and absences from school, reporting truancy or absentee problems according to school or education department policy.
  • Providing necessary information on students to teachers, administrators and other school based professionals as required.

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