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Senior Citizen Services Provider

A senior citizen service provider is an individual or company that provides services to senior citizens, living either on his or her own or in retirement or nursing homes. They provide a large variety of services for not only senior citizens but also their caregivers. A service provider, for seniors living in their own home, often starts with a home assessment, interview with the senior or their caregiver and recommendations. They can arrange for many care services, find resources available in the community for seniors, and provide information requested by the client. Some seniors need help with bathing, dressing, meals and daily activities so a service provider contacts a home care agency that provides these services.

Some seniors are able to look after their own personal needs but require help with shoveling their snow, mowing the grass, fixing things around their home or a ride to the doctor or shopping. A senior citizen service provider will contact the necessary company or people and arrange to have the senior’s snow shoveled or take them to the doctor and back home. They can grocery shop for the senior or take them to the grocery store, help them shop and put their groceries away. If the senior’s caregiver is going away, they can provide someone to stay with the senior in their own home or have them stay somewhere.

A senior citizen service provider is invaluable to a senior, as they often make the difference between a senior being able to live independently and safely in their own home or a senior having to go into a retirement or nursing home

Common work activities include:

  • Traveling to clients residences to provide required services for the individual client.
  • Completing assessments as to the seniors needs, capabilities and support systems and then designing appropriate plans to enhance daily living for the client.
  • Coordinating with various services within the community to meet the needs for the senior. This may include meals, housecleaning services, companionship or assistance with moving around in the community.
  • Meeting with seniors and assessing the effectiveness of the current assistance, making modifications, and adding or deleting components of the plan.
  • Keeping accurate records of services used, senior’s preferences and various components of the service plan.
  • Invoicing, billing and collecting fees for services provided.

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