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100 Fantastic Bookmarklets to Organize Your Academic Research

By default, every bookmarklet is a productivity tool, because it makes doing a repetitive action faster, but there are some bookmarklets that are best suited to academics and researchers. Whether they’re incredibly useful or solve an annoying problem, these are bookmarklets that you’ll want to have saved to your browser.


Make use of these bookmarklets for faster, easier communication on email and beyond.

  1. Distraction-free Gmail: Using this script, you can open your Gmail in a window without distractions.
  2. Gmail This: Use Gmail This, and you’ll get a Gmail compose window that’s ready to forward your current page.
  3. Mailto: With this bookmarklet, you’ll be able to send a page link, title, and any selected text in one easy click.
  4. Acronym lookup: Figure out WTF people are talking about with this bookmarklet.
  5. Append Signature: This bookmarklet will add your signature to the bottom of your posts.
  6. Reverse phone lookup: Find out who called you without spending a lot of time searching by using this bookmarklet.
  7. Google/Altavista Translate: Put any web page through these translation services using this bookmarklet.
  8. Find Phone Numbers: This bookmarklet will find all US numbers on a web page.
  9. Oxford English Dictionary: Look up English words and terms with the Oxford bookmarklet.
  10. deleet: Turn leet speek into a more readable text with this bookmarklet.
  11. Urban Dictionary lookup: This bookmarklet is a handy tool for looking up text in the Urban Dictionary.
  12. Merriam-Webster Word Lookup: With the World Lookup, you can get definitions and audio samples for English words.

Documents & Reading

Make documents, and reading documents, a simpler process with these bookmarklets.

  1. PdfMeNot: View PDF files online with ease using PdfMeNot.
  2. Quote from a blog: Using this bookmarklet, you’ll be able to quote text from a blog, while keeping attribution in tact.
  3. Bloglines citations: See what commentary has been written about a page by using this bookmarklet.
  4. Subscribe with Google Reader: With this bookmarklet, you can quickly subscribe to any feed you like.
  5. The LibraryLookup Bookmarklet Generator: Build your own bookmarklet to look up reference material through the library.
  6. Wikipedia lookup: Use this bookmarklet to look up selected text in Wikipedia.
  7. Automatic Word-Count Thing: This bookmarklet will quickly calculate the number of words on a web page.
  8. Spreeder: Instantly load text from any webpage into this application’s speed reader.
  9. Speed Reader: Speed Reader creates an “eye pacer,” or a highlighter for spaces between words that is intended to improve onscreen reading speed.


Keep up with your calendar and to dos with these bookmarklets.

  1. Date and Time: The Date and Time bookmarklet will give you the date and time according to your machine.
  2. Distraction-free GCal: With this script, GCal will open up in a stripped-down browser window.
  3. Days Left this Year: Use this bookmarklet to find out how many days are left in the current year.
  4. Personal Note: Leave yourself a short note while you’re in your browser.


These bookmarklets make saving pages for later a breeze.

  1. toread: Use this bookmarklet to bookmark your to-be-read web pages by email.
  2. Post to With this bookmarklet, you can quickly bookmark web pages on
  3. Read Later: Instapaper’s Read Later bookmarklet is useful for saving reading material to access later.
  4. citations: Check out the bookmarking history for a page with this bookmarklet.


Let everyone know about great websites and articles with these bookmarklets.

  1. Send a link to the current web page: With this bookmarklet, you’ll be able to share links quickly.
  2. TweetBurner: Quickly tweet any URL with this bookmarklet.
  3. TinyURL: Turn long URLs into tiny ones in a snap with the help of this bookmarklet.
  4. Bzzster!: Recommend links with this handy bookmarklet.
  5. Email selected text: Use this bookmarklet to share text from web pages quickly and easily.


These bookmarklets were made to help you crunch numbers better and faster.

  1. Calculate: Click on this link, and you’ll be able to calculate math equations.
  2. Average: Average will calculate the average of any sequence of numbers.
  3. Credit Card Verify: If you’re processing credit cards, use this bookmarklet to quickly find out if they’re valid.
  4. Salary Calculator: Use the Salary Calculator to find out how much you’ve earned based on how many hours you’ve worked.
  5. Scientific measures: Calculate conversions like temperature, length, and volume with this collection of bookmarklets.
  6. Tip Bookmarklet: If you’d like to send a monetary tip to the owner of a website, this bookmarklet will automate the process.
  7. Scientific Calculator: Put a scientific calculator in your browser with this bookmarklet.


Get more out of media using these bookmarklets.

  1. Image zoom: Use these bookmarklets to zoom in and out on images.
  2. KeepVid: With KeepVid, you’ll be able to get download links for videos on popular sites like YouTube and Google Video.
  3. Send to Flickr: Submit an image to your photostream using Send to Flickr.


These bookmarklets will help you stay private and safe.

  1. View cookies: See exactly which sites are tracking your online activity by using this bookmarklet.
  2. Remember Passwords: With this bookmarklet, you’ll be able to set your browser to remember passwords, even when a site has password storage disabled.
  3. AutoFill Anonymous: Fill out forms anonymously with this bookmarklet.
  4. Hide 468×60 Banners: This bookmarklet will help you banish advertising banners.
  5. GishPuppy: Create disposable email addresses quickly and easily with this bookmarklet.
  6. View passwords: Quickly troubleshoot your incorrect passwords by turning *****s into real characters.
  7. Delete cookies: Get rid of the cookies that are tracking your web use by executing this bookmarklet.
  8. Bugmenot: With this bookmarklet, you’ll be able to bypass compulsory registration forms.

Clean browsing

Make your browser do exactly what you want it to by taking advantage of these bookmarklets.

  1. Zap plugins: This bookmarklet will kill Java, flash, background music, and third-party iframes.
  2. Disable StyleSheets: On hard-to-read websites, use Disable StyleSheets to turn off stylesheets.
  3. Page Color: Change the background color of a page with the Page Color bookmarklet.
  4. Unjustify: Fix fully-justified text using Unjustify.
  5. Target Alert: Target Alert will tell you any time there is a URL that opens in a new window, goes to a new site, and more.
  6. Text Color: Change the color of text on any web page using the Text Color bookmarklet.
  7. Resize fonts: Use this bookmarklet to make fonts larger and readable.
  8. Click2Zap: Remove elements from a web page in order to print it or just read more easily using Click2Zap.
  9. Resize browser: Change your browser size between standard resolutions with this bookmarklet.
  10. Constrain width: Constrain width will reduce the width of a page by 10% every time you click it.
  11. Text Font to Verdana/Arial: Make website fonts more readable with these bookmarklets.
  12. Stop Music: Stop Music will keep music from automatically playing when you visit a page.
  13. Fix Width: Use Fix Width to make wide pages readable.
  14. Zap images: Replace images with alternate text by using this bookmarklet.
  15. Remove Bloat: Remove Bloat will strip out Java applications, flash, music, and more.
  16. Highlight links: This bookmarklet will put a yellow background behind every link so you can easily differentiate between links and regular text.


These bookmarklets will help you become a better, faster searcher.

  1. Make My Search: Create your own custom search bookmarklets with this bookmarklet.
  2. YubNub: Power searchers will love this bookmarklet that allows you to search by codes for different search engines.
  3. Answers Bookmarklet: Use this bookmarklet to look up information in Answers.
  4. Coralize: Find a cached version of any page with the Coralize bookmarklet.
  5. Go Wayback: Use this bookmarklet to find archived pages on the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine.”
  6. IMDB Bookmarklet: Quickly put movie debates to rest with the IMDB bookmarklet.
  7. Google search: There are many different specialized bookmarklets for finding what you want on Google.
  8. Similicious: With Similicious, you’ll be able to list pages that are similar to the one you’re on.
  9. IPL Bookmarklet: With the IPL bookmarklet, you can find out if a book is available in full text on the Internet Public Library.
  10. Google Site Search: Find exactly what you’re looking for on a site using the Google Site Search bookmarklet.
  11. Snopes Bookmarklet: Debunk urban legends in a flash with the Snopes bookmarklet.


Make moving between web pages incredibly simple by using these bookmarklets.

  1. Dup: Use this bookmarklet to duplicate the current page you’re on in a new window.
  2. Top: Click on Top, and you’ll be taken directly to the top level of the site you’re viewing.
  3. Rename Tab: Use Rename Tab to change the title of a web page window or tab.
  4. Next and previous: Use these bookmarklets to navigate between a series of numbered URLs.
  5. Set In-Page Bookmark: This bookmarklet will save an in-page bookmark for easy reference.
  6. Find: Use this bookmarklet to search the current page you’re viewing.
  7. Back2: Jump back two pages in your browsing history instead of one.
  8. New Window: This bookmarklet will force all of the links on your current page to open in a new window when clicked.
  9. Go to Referrer: Backtrack in your navigation and find out why you clicked on a link by going to its referrer.
  10. PurpleSlurple: This bookmarklet will put little purple numbers all along a page, which you can link to in order to refer to a specific spot.
  11. Hide visited links: With this bookmarklet, you’ll be able to ensure that you’re not looking at the same links over and over again.
  12. List all links: Click this bookmarklet, and all of the links on a current page will pop up, and remain clickable for the original window.
  13. Scroll by Dragging: Scroll by Dragging will turn your cursor into a scroller.
  14. Up: This bookmarklet will take you up one level in a site’s directory structure.
  15. Go To Selected URL: Turn any plain written URLs into links using this bookmarklet.
  16. Scroll Page: These bookmarklets will auto-scroll a webpage for you.
  17. Open all links: Use this bookmarklet to open all of the links in a page on to new pages.


These bookmarklets offer even more usefulness.

  1. Make numbered lists: This bookmarklet will create a list of numbered URLs.
  2. Backdrop: When you use Backdrop, you’ll get a black full-screen window behind what you’re working on, so it’s easier to concentrate on the task at hand.
  3. Page Title & URL: This bookmarklet makes it easy to copy a page’s title and URL at once.
  4. Domain owner: Use domain owner to quickly and easily find out who owns the site you’re viewing.

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