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100 Best iPhone Apps for Personal Development

The iPhone offers a great variety of apps that are good for everything from finding a bite to eat to entertaining game play. But did you know that the iPhone is also great for personal development, including finances, weight loss, and productivity? You can do all this and more-just check out this collection of apps for personal development.

Business and Finance

Keep track of your money, maintain a mobile office, and score deals with these apps.

  1. iXpenseIt: This application is great for tracking your expenses, with loads of reports, searching, and more.
  2. BudgetBuster: Manage and track your household budget using this app for the iPhone.
  3. iZoho: The iZoho app will help you create a full mobile office using just your iPhone.
  4. myBudget: myBudget will make it easy for you to maintain a budget and track your expenses through the iPhone.
  5. QuickBooks Online: If you use QuickBooks, you can make use of this app that allows you to stay on top of your finances with the iPhone.
  6. JustAddMoney: This expense tracker will help you manage your household expenses.
  7. iCalc Mortgage Calculator: Use this iPhone app to determine how you can improve your mortgage.
  8. Torch: With the help of this project management app, you can get all of your important project information organized on the iPhone.
  9. Wesabe: Check our account balances, recent transactions, and more with Wesabe.
  10. ClearCheckbook: Manage your finances, get reports, and more through this iPhone app.
  11. iBillTo: Track billing information, rates, and more using this app.
  12. Carpool Calculator: You’ll be able to determine how much you can save by carpooling with this app.
  13. Get All the Deals!: Score great deals through this iPhone RSS reader.


Make use of these apps to squeeze more time out of your day.

  1. SugarSync: Get remote access on the go to your PC or Mac with the help of this iPhone app.
  2. Harvest Time & Expense Tracker: You can track your time, expenses, and more with this Harvest iPhone app.
  3. Evernote: Use this app to capture notes, whether they’re text, voice, or photos.
  4. iTalk Recorder: With the help of iTalk Recorder, you can create loads of recordings using just your iPhone.
  5. Attendance Countdown: Track the amount of time you spend working or studying with the help of this app.
  6. Mocha VNC: Mocha VNC’s app will allow you to connect to your Windows or Mac OS X computer to see resources and more.
  7. MobileMe: MobileMe offers excellent synching, keeping data between your Macs, iPhone, and the web all up to date.
  8. Jott for iPhone: Jott for iPhone makes it easy for you to leave yourself quick voice notes that will be transcribed into text for your to do list.
  9. WritingPad: This app offers notes that you can make using handwriting recognition.


Keep everything neat and tidy by using these apps on your iPhone.

  1. Thumb Jot: Quickly and easily take notes on the iPhone using this app.
  2. 30Boxes: With the 30Boxes calendar app, you’ll be able to organize and share your schedule.
  3. 43 Actions: 43 Actions will help you stay on top of your tasks and agenda, and is easily updateable through email, Jott, Twitter, and more.
  4. Google Calendar: You’ll be able to manage your entire calendar from your iPhone using the Google Calendar app.
  5. do.Oh: Use this app to track your tasks, and it will sync between your iPhone and desktop.


These apps will help you boost your brain power and learn more about the world.

  1. Fact of the Day: Get a new educational fact every day through this app.
  2. ezMemorize: Use ezMemorize to create and share flash cards for learning.
  3. Word of the Day: On this app, you’ll be able to get a new words every day.
  4. Verse Lookup: You’ll be able to study Bible verses on your iPhone with this app.
  5. Did You Know?: This app will help you learn new facts every single day.
  6. BookShelf: With this app, you can turn your iPhone into a handy book reader.
  7. TouchType: This app will make it easy for you to spell check on your iPhone.
  8. iBibleSpace: Download this app to get a searchable Bible to keep on your iPhone.
  9. Quote of the Day: Quote of the Day is a simple app that features a new quote each day.
  10. AccelaStudy Vocabulary Builder: Use this app to improve your English vocabulary.
  11. FlipTo Bible: You’ll be able to quickly flip through Bible passages with this iPhone app.
  12. Poptiq: Poptiq will help you find educational videos for your iPhone.
  13. Words of the World: This daily app will share a new words in six different languages each day.
  14. Classics: Read classic literature on your iPhone using this app.
  15. Talking Phrasebooks: You can help develop your foreign language vocabulary with the help of this application.
  16. <strongWikipedia: Download this app, and you’ll have all of Wikipedia available to you on the iPhone.
  17. ReadScriptures: Get scripture texts, tools, and more on your iPhone with the ReadScriptures app.
  18. This Day in History: Brush up on your history through this app.
  19. WeDict: You can get a free dictionary on your iPhone using this app.
  20. Google Earth: Learn more about geography through this Google app.
  21. IQ-Test: Evaluate and exercise your brain with the IQ-Test iPhone app.
  22. Google News: Google News will feed you with multiple news sources on your iPhone.
  23. EngLits: Download this app to get study guides for loads of books.
  24. iBlueSky: Use iBlue Sky’s mind mapping to map out your thoughts on the iPhone.
  25. PopMath: Play this game to improve your basic math skills.
  26. Birthdays in History: This app will help you learn historical birthdays.
  27. VocabWiz: Improve your vocabulary using the VocabWiz iPhone app.
  28. World Countries: With this app, you’ll have loads of information about countries around the world available on your iPhone.
  29. Graphing Calculator: Download this app for the iPhone to get a graphing calculator.
  30. NPR Mobile: You can stay on top of the latest NPR news and stations with this iPhone app.
  31. iPresident: Improve your knowledge about the Presidents of the US through this app.
  32. gFlash+: You’ll be able to create, find, and study flash cards using this iPhone app.

Social Development

Make your personal life better with the help of these apps.

  1. FriendFeed: FriendFeed will help you keep track of what your friends and acquaintances are up to online.
  2. Twitteriffic: Download Twitteriffic to follow Twitter from your iPhone.
  3. BrightKite: Keep tabs on where your friends are out and about by using BrightKite.
  4. Facebook: Stay updated and share your news with friends and family through Facebook for the iPhone.
  5. <strongMySpace: Like the Facebook iPhone app, MySpace offers a way to stay in touch with friends through your iPhone.
  6. Whos Here: Set up a profile on this app, and you can meet people nearby.
  7. Tweetie: Tweetie allows you to expertly manage Twitter from your iPhone.
  8. LinkedIn: With the LinkedIn application for the iPhone, you can manage your business profile from anywhere.
  9. fring: fring will help you update on a variety of IM applications through your iPhone.


Satisfy and develop your personal hobbies with these apps for reading, photography, and more.

  1. Posterus: With the help of this app, you can create a photo blog that can be updated with your iPhone.
  2. Zinio: Using Zinio, you’ll be able to read a variety of popular magazines on your iPhone.
  3. Starmap: Feed your need for stargazing through this app.
  4. iFlickr: You can do lots of great stuff with your iPhone photos by using this iPhone app from Flickr.
  5. Stanza: With this app, you’ll be able to read classics and more on your iPhone.
  6. WordPress: Update your blog through your iPhone with the help of this app.
  7. WorldCat: You’ll be able to locate library books using this app.
  8. Schmap: Schmap will help you learn about the best activities while traveling with travel guides.

Fitness and Nutrition

Lose weight and stay healthy by making use of these apps.

  1. GymFu: You can do workouts on your iPhone using GymFu.
  2. MyNetDiary: Use MyNetDiary to create your own diet and exercise program on the iPhone.
  3. Livestrong Calorie Tracker: Keep track of your daily calories with the help of this iPhone app.
  4. iPump: This app offers free workouts to target the major muscle groups of your body.
  5. iCart: You can create and maintain up to 3 shopping lists through your iPhone with the help of this app.
  6. 101 Cookbooks: Find recipes, cooking tips, and more with this cooking app.
  7. Lose It!: You can set goals for your nutrition and lose weight using this app.
  8. Steps: You can use your iPhone as a pedometer with the help of this app.
  9. Sensei for Weight Loss: Use this iPhone app to create your own weight loss plan.
  10. BodyBook: You can keep a log of your exercise and fitness with the help of this app.
  11. SugarTracker: Cut down on your sugar consumption with the help of this app.
  12. iFitness: Find loads of exercises through this database.
  13. Limeade: Limeade offers the ability to develop fitness goals on your iPhone.
  14. Health Cubby: Health Cubby will help you track your weight loss progress.
  15. FitSync: You’ll find a great community of users, training, and more through this app.
  16. TheCarrot: You’ll be able to track your entire life with the help of this application.
  17. iWorkout Lite: You’ll find lots of great fitness resources in this iPhone app.
  18. SparkPeople: The SparkPeople app makes it easy for you to keep a diet and fitness plan on your iPhone.
  19. MoboVivo: Download fitness videos to your iPhone using the MoboVivo app.

Stress Relief

Find your own personal zen by using these stress reducing apps.

  1. Binaural Beats: Set yourself in the right state of mind with the help of this application.
  2. Meditation Timer: Make some time for meditation with this timer app.
  3. Massage Me: Download this iPhone app to get relaxating vibrations.
  4. iLove Birds: With this app, you’ll get the sounds of birds to relax to.
  5. White Noise: This app will help you keep distractions at bay by creating white noise.
  6. Prêt-à-Yoga: With Prêt-à-Yoga, you’ll get loads of great yoga poses on your iPhone.

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