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Religion – Church Youth Minister

A church youth minister is concerned with today’s youth and leads teenagers in their spiritual and personal development. They need to possess great leadership qualities and experience in sharing Gods word with teenagers. They lead the youth activities, outreach programs and youth services within the church and often work with motivating and training other staff members. A youth minister should be disciplined, self-motivated, organized, posses good communication skills, spiritual maturity, have a good understanding of the bible, demonstrate Godly character and lead by example.

Some of the many responsibilities of a church youth minister are organizing, leading, preparing and performing the youth ministry activities and events and communicating with the youth and their parents and keeping them informed of upcoming events. The youth minister needs to understand the importance of being a team player, so they work successfully and harmoniously with other church board members, youth advisory members and the church minister. It is important to establish a consistent weekly schedule that demonstrates good time management and develop short and long-term goals for their youth groups.

A church youth minister must demonstrate good communication skills when dealing with youth, parents, volunteers and fellow staff members. Organization is extremely important, as they may have to manage several projects at one time but also remain adaptable and flexible in balancing their priorities, including their professional and personal life. The formal education of a church youth minister depends on the denomination, as some require a degree and others require no formal education.

Common work activities include:

  • Planning and organizing youth activities in the church both during and after regular activity times.
  • Planning special trips for youth from the church to attend various community activities, field trips or even retreats or other gatherings away from the community.
  • Overseeing all aspects of youth ministry including encouraging more youth to attend services and activities.
  • Reaching out to youth as a resource that they can access for counseling or spiritual guidance.
  • Helping kids with problems such as relationship issues, spirituality and dealing with troubles in their lives.
  • Meeting and coordinating with church groups, other religious leaders and parents to ensure all needs are being met with the youth ministry.

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