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Café Manager

When considering to hire or promote a person to café manager, the job comes with a lot of responsibility and requires hard work and dedication. Many café’s are small restaurants where they sell a variety of specialty coffee and snacks. A café manager’s job description includes making major decisions, directing employees towards common objectives and goals and providing leadership when necessary. They are responsible for the financial evaluation of the café. This includes the monthly assessments, planning the budget along with monitoring the cost of their goods and the sales.

A café manager fills job positions at the right time with people they feel are qualified and right for the positions. This involves determining what staff they require, writing the job description and then recruiting and interviewing people for the position. To be a successful café manager requires the ability to get staff motivated and having exceptional social skills. A manager needs to find a balance between production and their employee’s needs.

Having an advance work plan is also very important for a café manager. Some of the questions they need to be able to answer are, what they need to accomplish, how to achieve this and when and who should they delegate this to. This preparation involves planning goals and putting them in logical order. A café manager needs great organizational skills, excellent communication skills, have the ability and knowledge necessary to solve the problems they may face, supervision skills and teamwork skills. They also need to be extremely knowledgeable on all the products they sell.

Common work activities include:

  • Meeting with vendors and salespeople to order various food and supplies from various companies.
  • Setting a budget for wages, supplies and equipment and other expenses the café will have.
  • Determining the correct amount to charge for various items on the menu from coffee and beverages through to food items.
  • Greeting and talking with customers, getting feedback regarding both items offered on the menu and service to the customers.
  • Managing the accounts payable and receivable systems, contracting for bookkeeping and accounting services or completing these tasks themselves.
  • Hiring, training, supervising, promoting or firing staff as required. This may also include laying off seasonal staff in some areas.
  • Advertising and marketing the café, planning new campaigns to attract customers and constantly expanding the client base.

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